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See Through Mesh Compression Packing Cubes Set of 8 - Rose Quartz

See Through Mesh Compression Packing Cubes Set of 8 - Rose Quartz

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  • Pack More, Carry Less: Experience the magic of Alameda compression packing cube! With an extra zipper on the outside, they work a bit like a vacuum sealer (not your typical vacuum bag), slashing up to 40% of suitcase space! Fold or roll your clothes, flatten, and zip up. Use the extra zipper to compress and watch excess air vanish. Get more packing capacity for savvy travelers seeking efficiency and avoiding extra fees.
  • Mesh Packing Cubes with Ultralight yet Durable Nylon: See through mesh compression cubes will elevate your packing game! Each cube's mesh window allows easy item identification. Improved ventilation battles odors, leaving clothes fresh. Features ultra-light, thin yet durable nylon fabric, each bag weighs just 7 ozs. This guarantees they won't occupy unnecessary space in your suitcase.
  • Versatile Sizes for Diverse Luggage Needs: Achieve packing nirvana with our versatile suitcase organizer bags set! XXL, XL, Large, Small cubes, shoes bag and toiletry bag cater to various items (each size displayed in the picture gallery). All your travel items have their dedicated space. Multiple options transform chaos into order! Our compression travel cubes set is a must-have organizer bag for your checked luggage.
  • Compression Packing Cubes that Open All the Way: Easier to pack. Improved zippers fully open, providing easy access to clothes. Packing and unpacking made a breeze.Our travel compression cubes keep your suitcase tidy and, upon arrival, effortlessly transfer cubes to dresser drawers. Pack without stress with our upgraded version packing bags for travel!
  • Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed: Trust in Alameda travel compression cubes, where compression excellence lies in ultra-lightweight, durable ripstop nylon fabric, and reinforced thickened zippers used for compressing function of bags. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind with our lifetime warranty. If compression falls short of your expectations or any issues arise, fret not! Contact us, and we'll swiftly resolve it.
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🧳✨ Pack smarter with Alameda See Through Compression Packing Cubes! Say goodbye to rummaging through your luggage. 🌟

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Amazon Customer

If you're looking for ways to maximize your packing, look no further than these compression cubes!! I've tried other cubes in the past, but they didn't compress the same way that these do, and I think that it makes all the difference. I travel to my parents' house every Christmas, and usually I end up having to pack two bags for my clothes and toiletries. Using these cubes, I was able to get everything into one medium sized suitcase! I can pack two jackets in the biggest one, which is mind-blowing, and they all pack more than you'd think. They're a little pricey, but I definitely think they're worth it. Run, don't walk, to buy these!!

Easy to use

Clothes in suitcases works very well

Dawn Marie
These have revolutionized my packing!

These packing cubes have made my traveling life so much easier!- They unzip fully so it easy to put clothes in and take them out without wrinkling the clothes. They have two zipper tabs to open the packing compartment, and this makes them very easy to work with.- They are able to fit lots of clothes in them.- They compress-zip easily and the zippers are good quality.- Once compressed, the clothes stay neat and wrinkle-free. - With these compression cubes the TSA can easily rummage through my luggage and not mess anything up. Even with the suitcase being tossed around by the airline, I love that my suitcase contents arrives just as neatly packed as when I left.- They have a handle which makes them very easy to toss in the suitcase and pull out of the suitcase - and you can use the handle to hang them on a hook fully packed!- The material is very light weight and does not add to the weight of your suitcase.- The see-through panel makes it easy to identify what I have packed in the compression cube.- Oh my gosh, I have never been this organized in my life - and it is sooooo easy to pack and unpack now!- With these compression cubes, a LOT MORE fits in my suitcase.- The medium and smaller cubes are the perfect size for my carry-on.- I have a packable parka that comes in its own pouch, however when I put that Parka packed pouch in the compression cube, it gets even smaller - I love it!The one thing I wished they would have included is a laundry bag. I don't like putting my dirty clothes back in the compression cubes to travel back home with. I want the cubes to stay clean and fresh and ready for packing clean clothes for my next trip.

Love these!

Easy to use, keep me organized while traveling and can be compressed to save space. Great packing cubes!

Desiree Terrebonne
You need this to pack!

What a great invention. These packing cubes saved me from needing an additional suitcase. 10 day in a cold climate means bulky clothes. These bags compressed sweaters, coats and puffy vests perfectly. The zippers are durable and the fabric did not tear or fray at all. I highly recommend this product. I also love the clear travel bags and the shoe bags as bonuses!