The journey of Alameda started with a group of young travelers who wanted to explore Denali National Park. Kevin, Stuart, and Ashley were unsure of what the future held for them after leaving their academic institutions. However, they knew that they wanted to experience the beauty of the world before settling down into their careers. As they prepared for their trip, Ashley packed three trunks, eager to bring everything she thought she might need on the journey.

During their adventure, the beauty of Denali left a lasting impression on the trio. However, Ashley's excitement was dampened by the constant disarray of her belongings. Her clothes, makeup, and various items were scattered throughout her trunks, making it difficult to find what she needed. The tediousness of packing and unpacking became a significant issue during their travels. Nevertheless, it was this experience that sparked the idea for Alameda.

Ashley realized that she needed to create a packing solution that was both organized and convenient to carry. And so, the concept of compression packing cubes was born. In 2017, Ashley, Kevin, and Stuart established Alameda and launched their first product, the Compression Packing Cube Set. Before it was released, Ashley's sister, Emily, tested the organizers and was amazed by how much they transformed her packing experience.

"I never thought I could fit my two boys' clothes in such small cubes for a two-week holiday. They not only tidy my trunks but also my life. Thank God, I don't have to dig around for what I need. And when we get back, I used them to hold dirty clothes, they never retained odor," said Emily.

The success of the first-generation Compression Packing Cube Set inspired the team to create more products that cater to different needs. From men to women, adults to children, and indoor to outdoor, Alameda now offers a wide variety of storage bags that help people pack more while carrying less. Alameda's goal is to make travel easier and more enjoyable for everyone.