Welcome to Alameda Shopping Center, Alameda will bring the best service to you.  

Alameda was created by Jingfeng Industry and Trade Co., LTD and has been specialize in the production of maternal and child supplies, outdoor fashion bags for many years. Alameda deals in a variety of function packs and outdoor items, especially travel organizer packs such as compression packs cube and diaper packs as well as laptop backpacks are popular with mass.

Because Jingfeng is located in Xiamen, the transportation is well developed, so it can directly ship goods to all parts of the world.  

As Alameda has its own factory, we support wholesale products and hope to work with freight distributors.  At this moment, we are building up our retail business.  

Design never repeats and innovation never stops.  Stylish leather bags, Alameda goes all the way. One bag, one life.  Let's just pack our hopes into the right space and go light.  Alameda walks with you on the life path.