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Packing Cube Set of 3 for Travel, Compression Bags Organizer for Luggage / Backpack, Deep Grey

Packing Cube Set of 3 for Travel, Compression Bags Organizer for Luggage / Backpack, Deep Grey

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  • Space saver. Double zippers of the packing cube works perfectly in compressing clothes to help save space in your carry-on luggage or travel backpack. Great travel gear to minimize your package size. Quick grab handle zipper for easy access to pulling out packed cubes from suitcase or backpack.
  • More durable. Ultra lightweight rip-stop nylon with high density and extensibility and smooth zipper make this compression packing cube set extremely durable when they are packed up with a lot of essentials.
  • Water-resistant & dustproof. High-density fabric provides travel packing bags excellent performance in water resistance and dustproof, unlike other mesh packing cubes. Also can well prevent insects from crawling into the bag during your adventure.
  • Super Lightweight. Ultra light fabric only weighs 7 ozs, not bulky at all like some mesh packing cubes, so that they won’t occupy more unnecessary space.
  • Premium Fabric. Rip-stop nylon is expandable and can bear heavy tension, extremely durable and sturdy. Never need to worry if the packing bags will break when you are trying to store more essentials.
  • Sturdy Zipper. Super smooth zippers can stretch out the fabric a bit without causing any tear or damage. Quick grab handle, made of top-grade texture webbing, offers an easy access to pull the cubes out of your travel backpack bag or suitcase.
  • Convenient to Fetch. Quick grab handle, made of top-grade texture webbing, offers an easy access to pull the cubes out of your travel backpack bag or suitcase.
  • Clear at a Glance Vision. The fabric is slightly translucent, allowing for clear visibility of what they are inside these cubes.


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How to pack with Alameda compression packing cubes?

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Matthew ReuterMatthew Reuter

We got three sets of these for our trip to Europe where we were taking carry-on only. In Summer, we needed lots of shirt, so every inch of space counted. These bags were amazing. I fit almost all my clothes into the one (other than the clothes I wore): one pair of pants, two t-shirts, one long-sleeve tee, a pajama shirt, and a pair of leggings. The small one fit all my underwear and socks plus another pair of leggings.

Great Product!

These compressions cubes can hold so much, yet are sturdy and lightweight. I was able to pack more than I needed for my last trip. I would definitely recommend these cubes.

Good quality

Used for the first time, material seems to be quite durable.

Tom j Dolan
More than a Packing Cube!

So I'm planning a 1st trip to Costa Rica with a couple of friends. I don't want to take a large wardrobe and so my typical Roller Bag is a bit too much. I was looking for Packing Cubes when I unexpectedly but fortunately discovered these "compression" Packing Cubes. Ordered them and they arrived quickly. I knew about Compression Packing Cubes but had never seen them up close. My experience from the outset was positive. There were 2 size's in the 3-Bag pack I received, each with 2-zippers. The feeling & look of the Bag material was very positive. The real surprise was closing the 2nd zipper which does "compress" the Bag.I had to develop a method of closing the 2nd zipper. By using both hands carefully, I could squeeze the material just ahead of the zipper in order to "compress" my clothes well enuf so the zipper would close. It wasn't difficult but it had to be done. You'll easily see what works for you. Simply leaning down on the Bag with my weight wasn't the answer. Rather, pinching the material just ahead of the zipper worked for me.These bags are well made and strong. I feel this was more of an "investment" rather than just another expenditure. I expect to use them repeatedly for many years. I did buy the 3-Pack and in the future might well buy another 3-Pack.Highly recommended product.... and too, they can simply be used as typical Packing Cubes, which they aren't, and later used as True Compression Packing Cubes... a nice option. 5 Stars!

Excellent Compression Cubes

Used these for a 6 weeks trip in Europe. Excellent cubes with and without compression, material and zippers appear sturdy (lets see how long they last). Most importantly, the dimensions are perfect for my Travelpro Rollaboard (TIP: check carefully that the dimension MATCH the bag/ bagpack you are using so you can stack efficiently). Just ordered a second set.