iGelato 40 Pcs Car Trash Bags, Disposable Biodegradable Self Adhesive Garbage Bag for Vehicle,Bedroom, Office

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  • 【Biodegradable Car Garbage Bags】We promote degradable garbage bags. These are odorless, non-toxic and pure. The garbage bags are made based on PSM starch and other degradable plastics. This new plastic decomposes naturally in nature without causing damage to the environment. It is waterproof and leak-proof.
  • 【Disposable Sticky Trash Bags】Compared with car garbage cans, it is small and space-saving. No need to clean, save time and effort. Recyclable, degradable and environmental protection. It has a wider range of application and is more portable. It can be affixed to your car anytime and anywhere without leaving a trace. (Due to the hot weather, if there is a small amount of glue residue, you can wipe it with alcohol cotton).
  • 【Easy to Use】Peel off the transparent film to paste. It is absolutely good for your car to keep clean. Note: No dust is allowed when pasting, otherwise it will fall off easily.
  • 【Wide Application】Very suitable for car, offices, kitchens, camping, baby carriages, etc. Suitable for road trips, airplane trips. Can put a variety of different types of small rubbish.
  • 【Box Packaging】The bottom of the box press opening design, take the garbage bag just directly extract, no need to worry about tearing resulting in wasted bags. The box size is moderate, easy to store and carry.