Alameda Mall  has issued certain terms of use for better functioning of the site and also to render a desirable user experience and customer satisfaction. We reserve the right of altering the Terms of Use and the laws applicable, which will be in effect from the time we publish them on the website. We will also note the updates on the Terms and Conditions page.

LIMITED LICENSE. You will be offered a limited, revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive license for utilization and access to the website obeying the mandates and restrictions mentioned on the Terms of Use. Alameda Mall  may alter, discontinue or suspend any aspect entailing the website that may restrict or limit the user’s access to different portions of the website. The user will not be given the rights to proprietary software application and various related documentation. According to the Terms of use, the user shall hold no right to either directly or indirectly, use, own, sell, loan, rent, license, sublicense, lease, translate, assign, copy, adapt, improve modify or create new or any derivative work form, or even distribute, display, perform, or exploit the Site, or its contents either in whole or in part.

SITE OPERATION: Alameda Mall  has control over this website. The website can be accessed from different locations. If as a user you access the website from any other location, you will be held responsible for assuring compliance with the local laws.

APPLICABLE LAW. The Laws of the UAE shall be considered for use of the website and proper compliance with the Terms of Use. All the disputes arising with regards to the terms of use will be heard by any competent jurisdiction.

MULTI-CURRENCY PRICED TRANSACTION: the price displayed and also the currency selected will remain the same as charged on the transaction receipt.

Pricing and Payment: As a customer you agree to pay the amount in full. The amount payable is all inclusive of shipping costs or any other cost which has incurred during processing of the order. Under certain circumstances error may occur during payment causing interruption to the process. During such instances you are expected to co-operate with us and wait till the issue is resolved by our experts.

Order of Products: Alameda Mall  will not accept an order of a product which is out of stock. The company has the right to cancel an order if it is unable to acquire authorization for the payment. Limitations with regards to shipping of a product are observed when there is a pricing error of the product.

PURCHASES: Alameda Mall  also accepts the payment by any credible card like Visa or Master Card in currencies prevailing in the country. The online purchases are governed by terms and conditions with respect to the mandates as implemented by respective merchants. Hence it is vital to go through the user agreement along with the privacy policy as mentioned by the merchant.

If you make a payment for our products or services on our website, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment provider via a secured connection.

The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.

Payment for Bulk order os items/products will be only through bank transfer.

We accept payments online using Card credit and PayPal.

All the refunds will be generated as per the original payment mode. All details provided with regards to billing and also registration of the order, should be authentic. Including any unauthentic information will be considered a breach of the Terms. As you confirm the purchase during the end, you agree to have accepted and paid for the products.

There can be particular orders which may entail improper utilization of Alameda Mall ’s website. Alameda Mall  holds right to decline or cancel the order for any concerning reason. As a result of this Alameda Mall  may terminate or restrict the use of your account. When a product is wrongly listed on the website with an incorrect price tag, UAE Shopping will hold its rights towards cancellation or refusal of the order and will also inform you on the same.

Alameda Mall  has an aim to always please you with its high quality products and great customer satisfaction. The company shall offer a refund within 30days of the product delivery. Products which are purchased from Alameda Mall  should be returned in an unused and new state, wrapped in the packaging in which it was delivered. The product tags must remain attached. Altered or soiled products are not accepted.

Shipping of products. When it comes to shipping of the products that you have ordered for, we solely hold you responsible for giving us precise postal details. The courier company assigned for the delivery will be held responsible upon risk of damage or loss of the product. Alameda Mall  shall not seek any responsibility for delay in delivery of the order, product loss or incorrect delivery.

REPRESENTATIONS BY the User. As you visit the website you represent, permit and agree to the facts that (a) you are not less than 18 years (b) all materials of different kind will be submitted by you to Alameda Mall , that any inclusion to the website will not violate, plagiarize or infringe upon rights by a third-party which may include a trade secret, trademark, copyright, trade dress, patent, privacy or any other proprietary or personal right. Minors under the age of 18 shall are prohibited to register as a User of this website and are not allowed to transact or use the website.

PERMITTED USE. As you agree to the terms of use, you will only be allowed to visit and view and will be given the right to retain a copy of any of the website for personal use. However it will be considered illegal if you duplicate, publish, modify, download, or distribute the content of the website for any other purpose. The content and software on this Site is the property of Alameda Mall . The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.

YOUR ACCOUNT. If you are using our website you will be held responsible for maintenance of privacy of your own account and your password and also will be accountable for restricting the access to the account from any device. Also you must agree to admit the responsibility for different activities that are deemed to occur surrounding the account or its password.

In course of our website usage, we will gather particular information pertaining to you. Such information will be handled keeping the Privacy Policy terms in mind.

Whenever any provision mentioned on the Terms and Conditions page is considered unenforceable, the provision may be reformed to enforce the same. Also, the other terms mentioned on the policy page may remain the same and will be considered functional like before.

An unauthorized access and use of Alameda Mall ’s website by you will result in a claim for criminal offense or damage to the website.

As a consequence of usage of our website, you will have to acknowledge and also agree to the fact that there is no intention of you to enter into a partnership or venture with Alameda Mall .

NO COMMERCIAL USE. The website will not be used for commercial purposes which may include sale of merchandise or any service. You must also obtain our written consent in order to make any type of commercial offer to the website be it through advertising, links or any solicitation form of communication. Alameda Mall  will also investigate and seek any appropriate lawful action against any user who will violate the provision, which may encompass actions including limitation or removing any content offending communication from the Site.

LINK & SEARCH RESULT. The Site may also generate search results which refer or link to any third party site through World Wide Web. Alameda Mall  has no such control over websites or the content displayed on the same. Alameda Mall  also does not assure, permit or represent any content displayed on the website as accurate, inoffensive or legal. Alameda Mall  also does not approve content of a third party website, neither does it represent nor warrant about the sites that they will be free of viruses or any impactful element. By making use of the website to look up for a link to any other site, the user agrees and understands that he must not claim against Alameda Mall  that will damage or cause a loss resulting out of search results.

COPYRIGHT POLICY. Alameda Mall  holds the right to terminate the privilege given to users for using the website for any unlawful copyrighted intent. If as a website user you submit your information to our site, you thereby warrant the fact that information provided by you does not trespass copyrights or any other right of any third party.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Alameda Mall  is not to be held responsible for accuracy or quality of content provided by the users, compilations of data, information, text, and any other material made available to the users through the website. The content displayed on UAE Shopping website is an intellectual property, which is protected by our governing body. These online materials should not be copied or even redistributed either in part or whole without the prior consent of Alameda Mall .

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DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY, LIMITATION OF DAMAGES. Alameda Mall  makes no pledge or representation, either implied or expressed, but not restricted to warranty of the title or non- infringement or implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-contravention or violation of privileges with respect to availability, validity, reliability, accuracy or content of the pages or the web. Alameda Mall . Does not represent or give warranty pertaining to accuracy or dependability of advice, statement, opinion or any other information which is submitted, uploaded or displayed through website by a user. Alameda Mall  will not be held responsible for incidental, special, direct, indirect, or consequential damage, loss of profit or damage due to business interruption cropping up from the use or incapability to use the website, even when Alameda Mall  has advised of any possibility of damage. Some of the jurisdictions do not even allow the exclusion of warranties or any limitation of liability, so such above restrictions or eliminations may not be applicable to you. The liability of Alameda Mall  would be in such case be restricted to the utmost extent of obligation permitted by the UAE law.

VIOLATION OF TERMS OF USE. You would understand and also agree to Alameda Mall ’s only discretion, and without previous notice, Alameda Mall  may dismiss your access to website, or even exercise any remedy available while removing any unofficial user information, if Alameda Mall  believes that information you have provided has violated the Terms of Use, or violates rights of Alameda Mall  or any other third party. You also agree to the fact that the monetary damages may not deliver sufficient remedy for Alameda Mall  For breach of such Terms of Use.