Baseball Cap with Protective Face Mask Full Face Shield Safety Hat

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【LATEST FULL Safety】Serves as a safety shield to guard face eyes mouth and nose, and the big brim is not easy to atomize from the face and the remote mask. It can block most of the odor, dust, debris and other harmful particles in the air.
【PRACTICAL】Soft and flexible high-quality cotton material and transparent bezel design make the face shield no smells, ultra comfortable highly breathable lightweight to wear. Anti-fogging waterproof windproof and dustproof. Protective and aesthetically pleasing.
【WIDELY USED】Versatile used in industrial, home settings and outdoors work. General cleaning purposes, Public places, Dust-free workshop, School, Environmental protection, Catering services, Food processing, Motorcycle rides, Beauty salon; Fog and haze weather, Gray sky, Hospital, Fog Dust or Snow weather, Building site etc.
【BEAUTIFUL and DURABLE】The baseball hat features a transparent compartment, and simply pull it down to effectively prevent liquid spray from the front and sides, having a wide perspective view, and allowing a good air circulation.
【Warm prompt】:Wash with water or wipe with alcohol before use,ensuring safety and comfort.