10pcs Foldable Masks Storage Clip Portable Face Masks Organizer Container Case Mask Keeper

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Product Features:
  • The 3.5*2.4*0.3 inches disposable mask preservation clips help you keep your masks clean and save resources.
  • Made of food-grade environmental friendly material, the mask storage clip is safe and odor-free so that you can rest assured to use
  • Foldable design, the standar sized mask storage clip is easy to carry, so you can put directly in your pocket or backpack.
  • Dust and moisture-proof, and can effectively prevent secondary pollution of the disposable mask.
  • The mask storage holder can be reused, and should be cleaned in time after each use.

Usage Steps:

  1. Place the mouth and nose contact surface (white side) upwards on the temporary folder to avoid touching with the face of the mask.
  2. Fold the lower half of the temporary mas k clip along the fold line so that the mask is sandwiched in the middle.
  3. Hold the ear-hanging rope to be open and gently put it on the temporary folder.

Package Includes:

  • 10 x Mask Storage Box (Not Including Mask)